Carriers for Hire

The list is ordered by type of baby carrier. More information on carrier types can be found here. Carriers may be on loan so if you’d love to try a particular one, get in touch before coming to avoid disappointment. You can get in touch via facebook message, phone (07972 376280) or email (

Stretchy Wraps

Hana Baby (turquoise)

Je porte mon Bebe basic (black)

Lifft (purple)

Woven Wraps

Didymos 4.6m (Grey/Pink graduation dye)

Yaro La Fleur 3.6m (grey/turquoise)

Ring Slings

Je Porte Mon Bebe Without a Knot

Lenny Lamb coffee lace

Hybrid Carriers

Close Caboo (plum, green,  blue, 2017 anniversary edition)

NCT Close caboo (grey )

Scootababy Hip Carrier (black)

Mei Tais

Fidella FlyTai Persian Paisley (red)

Soft Structured Carriers

BabyBjorn “On”  mesh/black

Beco 8

Becco Gemini (Twilight/ bubbles)

Becco Soliel

Beco toddler

Boba X (Zigguarat colourway)

Close DXgo (Navy)

Connecta Solarweave (aqua)

Ergo Adapt (grey x2)

Ergo 360 with infant insert (black and cream x2)

Integra baby size.

Isara full buckle carrier “Owls”

Isara “The One”

Izmi babycarrier (blue/mesh)

Izmi toddlercarrier (grey)

Lenny “Up” (blue)

Kahu- (Spots/Khaki)

Mamaruga Zensling (woven/ cotton in Turquoise/grey/Leopards)

Manduca (purple/lime)

Marsupi (M/red,  XL/grey)

Sleepy Nico Standard (blue/cornflowers)

Tula Free to Grow “Play”

Tula Expore



Nova Onbuhimo buckles toddler size (Pokemon)



Bundle Bean All weather cover- elephant design

Stonz- over shoes-booties

Manduca- Size it

Ergo inserts




One thought on “Carriers for Hire

  1. Hi,

    I have a nearly six month old girl and normally use a Connecta but have leant it to a friend who desperately needed something with her newborn. I have a RS too but aware the weather is due to be very hot in the next couple of weeks, so wondered about trying a cooler or different buckle carrier to see how I get on 🙂 Just wondered what you have in stock if I were to come along on Monday?



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